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9 Things That Us Oklahomans Are Weirdly Passionate About

by Nathan Aguilera Dec 13, 2016


During football season our weddings and other events have to be planned around OU  or OSU  games because we know no one will come to anything when there’s a game on.

Thunder Basketball.

I didn’t think I’d see anything come along that would be as popular as football here, but Oklahomans do love our basketball team. Kevin Durant was the second-biggest celebrity in town (after Jesus of course), but now that he’s left it appears Russell Westbrook may be taking his place.

Leo’s Bar-b-q.

Being located between Texas and Kansas, arguably the two best places for BBQ in the world, Oklahoma BBQ is often overlooked. Nearly everyone here can agree on who does it best- Leo’s. Leo’s BBQ is known not only in Oklahoma but also nationwide after having been featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. Almost as famous as the ribs and brisket is the strawberry banana cake.


Oklahoma is known as the buckle of the Bible Belt for good reason. Oklahoma recently made a top-10 list for nationwide church attendance, and most worship at one of our many mega-churches.

Cattlemen’s Steak House.

A definite Oklahoma institution, Cattlemen’s is the longest running, continuously-operated restaurant in the state. Many local celebrities and even a couple of presidents have dined in Stockyard City.  Try the calf fries when you visit and you’ll know what all the fuss is about.

The Ten Commandments.

Oklahomans are so passionate about the Ten Commandments there’s currently a case before the Oklahoma Supreme Court to try and keep a Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the State Capitol.


Most households have at least one. Here, you’re in NRA land for sure.


Sooners versus Cowboys is the biggest rivalry game of the year. This game has the potential to divide friends and even households, at least on game day. This rivalry is more than 100 years old and gets more hotly contested every year.


Okies wouldn’t know what to do without Sonic. It feels like there’s one on every other corner and they’re always busy. Foot long chili cheese coneys, ocean water slushes and salads that have more calories than the burgers are all found on the menu.

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