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Airline Has Awesome Response to This Passenger's Complaint About Unattractive Flight Attendants

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by Matt Hershberger Jan 28, 2015

FLIGHT ATTENDANTS HAVE a rough job. Not only do they have to deal with irritated, demanding, and childish passengers, but they sometimes have to deal with sexist jackasses who complain about their physical appearance. Flight attendants of at least one airline, however, have a company that will back them up.

Passenger Andres Horacio Pignataro posted a particularly sexist remark on Aerolineas Argentinas’ Facebook page, and got this awesome response from their communications team:

Photo via Nestor Suarez

Photo via Nestor Suarez

The translation of his comment is roughly: “What gets my attention is the low quality of the company’s hostesses. They used to be tall, slender, and they commanded respect. Now they are all short and fat and leave much to be desired in appearance in flight.”

Instead of responding by ignoring the dick as they justifiably could have, they chose to respond with their list of requirements for the position of flight attendant: They must be over 18, they must be Argentine citizens, they must have graduated high school, they must have a TCP license, they must be between 5’4” and 5’7” tall for women or 5’7” and 6’1” for men, they must know English, and they must know how to swim. Aerolineas Argentinas finished their requirements with this little barb:

“Prejudice doesn’t fly: we leave it on the ground.”

Well done, Aerolineas Argentinas. Well done.

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