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Are You a Matadorian?

by Andy Hayes Sep 1, 2009
We asked our nearly 7,500 followers on Twitter: What does it mean to be a Matadorian?

@tokyotopia To think outside the box – around it, over it and under it. If we’re determined we can lose the box for good : )

@benskutnik It means acting on urges, flying by the seat of your pants, and making others wish they did the same through your stories.

@craig_martin To be distant yet connected | to be in the moment yet aware | to hope, to dream, to do | to travel well.

@ohonestly To be a Matadorian means that you’re always looking for the next big adventure, either overseas or in your own backyard.

@hyperren I think it means being willing and able to share your experiences with the greater #travel community.

@mluedke being a Matadorian is about having an open mind when thinking about & interacting w/ the world & sharing the discoveries…AND HAVING FUN!!

@louisgraham82 A Matadorian leaves the guide books at home and gets lost. The only way to travel. Camera, notebook, and room key.

@louisgraham82 Get out there, travel, learn, share.

@peterhartl Matadorian = (inspiration + adventure + encounters + community) x Earth

@elicashmoney having so many great and strange experiences that you could tweet every minute for the rest of your life!

@martuchi13 Someone with a profound desire to discover through one’s own eyes that which has already been discovered.

@joanna_haugen Travel with a sense of place, community, environmental awareness, interest, humor & know-how to have fun & share w/ others.

@aerovelo101 To be Matadorian is to make your travels an adventure, and take your adventure by the horns!

@breathedreamgo It means being part of a community of like-minded souls

@ChiLuvs2Travel A Matadorian is passionate about travel. When she isn’t traveling, she is planning or dreaming of her next one.

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