WE’RE LOOKING TO TAKE Pinterest to the next level — starting in January, we’ll invite one of our followers to collaborate on our Pinterest profile. They will curate a board based on a theme of their choice, and fill it with their favorite travel-related pins.

Interested in participating? Here’s how:

  • Leave a note with your Pinterest profile here, or in the comments below. We are looking for active Pinterest users who share unique travel content on their boards. Material can be from anywhere; pinning from Matador Network will not increase the likelyhood of being selected, but if there is something you like please feel free to share it!
  • Our social media manager will review all profiles and contact our fans by the 25th of each month. If you have left a note of interest and do not receive an email by the 25th, feel free to resubmit your request for additional review.
  • Pinners should contribute at least five pins per week. Matador has the right to remove pins if deemed inappropriate or SPAM.

Matador takes pride in its social media networks. Our goal is to provide excellent content to our followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, while creating a community of engaged travelers from around the world. We hope you’ll enjoy these guest boards as much as we do!