Call for Submissions: We Want to Know Your Secrets

by Candice Walsh Apr 16, 2010
Matador Life wants to get to know you…intimately.

Frank Warren’s Post Secret phenomena started in 2003, with a trip to Paris and a dream. I mean a real dream – he bought some postcards and later dreamt about them being written with cryptic messages, like “unrecognized evidence, from forgotten journeys, unknowingly rediscovered.”

Warren then went on to start the “reluctant oracle” project, pieces of art with messages tucked into bottles and set adrift on Maryland’s Clopper Lake. The last message, “You will find your answers in the secrets of others,” inspired Post Secret.

With Post Secret, people send Warren their deepest, darkest secrets in the form of anonymous postcard art. Sometimes they’re quirky and funny, but often they’re heartbreaking and shocking. Each one is a unique glimpse into the private world of somebody else, the most intimate details of our lives revealed.

Now We Want to See Yours

The response to Post Secret was (and still is) enormous, sparking several book compilations and inspiring others to participate in their own way. Now I’m asking you to open up to me.

Send me your work of art, complete with a secret, and it’ll be published in a photo essay. It can be a digitally altered image or a scanned one, I’m giving you complete artistic license to share with us at Matador Network a private part of your life.

Here’s how you do it anonymously:

  1. Go to
  2. Upload the image
  3. In the description field, enter Post Secret
  4. For recipient’s email, enter
  5. For your email, enter

I will be notified of the image, and then sent a link for access. I will never need to know who sent the image, so your secret is safe with me.

Due Date: Keep them coming, we’ll do more than one feature.

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