Cards of Change: Turning Being Let Go Into Breaking Free

by Leigh Shulman Feb 19, 2010
What do you do with old business cards once you’re no longer working for the company? It’s simple. Take a pen, scissors or marker and cross out what no longer applies. Then simply rewrite the card to reflect what you most want in your life.

Cards of Change is what would happen if Post Secret and Operation Beautiful had a three-way with Linked In. This website allows you to upload your new and improved business card in order to connect with others who have been laid off as well as potential employers.

Our mission is to collect as many business cards and stories of positive change of people who have recently been laid off and connect them with new opportunities from potential employers, business partners and people who make the effort to look on the bright side of life

The current beta form of the website includes a place to upload your revamped card to a searchable database which can be parsed by location. Unfortunately, it seems this search function isn’t entirely in working order yet. All searches I tried yielded no results. Hopefully, this will be functional soon.

In the meantime, I suggest checking out the Top 100 Cards list.

There you’ll find a former Chiat Day employee who now volunteers reading to children. Or Tiffanni who is making the time to doodle. And over and over, the message resonates from people who are living more freely, richly, openly and lovingly even though they’re not making as much money as they did before losing their jobs.


For information on finding work through travel, volunteering and making social media connections and more, check out Matador’s Focus pages.

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