Coffee Vs. Tea: Does What You Drink Make You More Productive?

by Katka Lapelosová May 7, 2014

WHILE IT’S DEFINITELY a cool concept, I think the title of this infographic map is misleading — coffee and tea culture is definitely interpreted on a country-by-country basis. Yeah, in the US, most people drink coffee during work hours to help them stay focused and alert, but there are lots of countries, like Italy, and Norway, where people drink coffee simply because it tastes really freakin’ good. Same thing with tea — most people I know drink tea when they want to relax, before bed, or when they are sick. Even in Asian countries, where tea is preferred to coffee, I think it’s due more to a history of tea culture, rather than its connection to productivity.

So I’m looking at this map more in the sense of, “These places like coffee…these places like tea,” rather than correlating a country’s productivity to its preferred drink of choice during work hours.

Tea or Coffee: What Does Your Country Drink to Stay Productive?
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