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the Power of Women Is Heard and Seen Around the World

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by C.S. Hunter Mar 8, 2017

Air India just became the first airline to fly around the world with an entirely female crew.
Every person involved in the 19,000-mile round-trip flight from New Delhi to San Francisco was a woman, including ground check-in staff, engineers and aircraft controllers. That’s a world record, but it’s not the first record set by Air India. The airline was the first to operate a domestic flight with an entirely female crew back in 1985 and last year on International Women’s Day it ran 20 flights with all-women crews. The airline also reserves a block of seats on each domestic flight for solo women travelers at no extra cost. [Condé Nast Traveler]

And Delta just made history with an all-Black, completely female flight crew.
The crew flew from Detroit to Las Vegas and was lead by the airline’s first African-American woman pilot, Capt. Stephanie Johnson. Johnson also made history back in 1997 when she became the first Black female pilot to work for Northwest Airlines. She says that back then, there were just 12 Black female pilots in the entire country working for major carriers. [The Birmingham Times]

Thousands are protesting in Dublin right now against Ireland’s criminalization of abortion.
The city is basically at a complete standstill. Students and workers were asked to walk out and join the protest at 12:30 today. [Irish Independent]

A statue of a fearless little girl showed up last night in front of Wall Street’s charging bull.
The guerilla art statue is meant to call attention to the absence of women on Wall Street corporate boards as well as the large wage gaps suffered by women working in financial services. The statue was created by Kristen Visbal and showed up in front of the bull overnight. The ‘Fearless Girl’ has a permit to remain for at least a week but a petition has begun to keep her there longer. [Adweek]

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Here’s a live feed of International Women’s Day around the world.
The Guardian is updating this feed all day long with photos, breaking news stories, feminist outtakes and the ongoing progress of the global strike, A Day Without A Woman. Check it out. You can even contribute your own stories. [The Guardian]

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