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The World’s Longest Direct Flight and the Language Capital of the World

by Morgane Croissant Mar 6, 2017

Get yourself a neck pillow, this is going to be a long flight.

Starting in March 2018, Australian airline Qantas will be flying direct from London, England to Perth, Australia. The journey is expected to take around 17 hours in the 787-9 Dreamliner. [World Economic Forum]

News from the borders.

US travelers may soon need visas to travel to Europe.

On March 2nd, the European Parliament voted a resolution that would refuse US citizens visa-free access to the EU within two months. This move from the European Parliament is in response to American visa rules denying citizens from Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania visa-free access to the US, while American citizens can travel to these countries without a visa. Because of its reciprocity policy, the EU Commission had to suspend the visa waiver for US nationals; however, the move could be seen as a diplomatic faux pas. [Forbes]

Immigrants crossing illegally from the US to Canada are safe.

This winter, hundreds of people have defied extreme winter conditions and walked across the Canadian border to flee Donald Trump’s planned immigration clampdown. Despite the unusual flow of asylum seeker crossing illegally from the US into Canada, Canadian Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said that Canada will not tighten its border to deter migrants. When Donald Trump, signed the travel ban in January, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded with the tweet below and sent a message of hope to all of those seeking a better future, wherever they may be. [Reuters]


The language capital of the world: Queens, NY.

According to the Endangered Language Alliance (ELA), There are 800 languages spoken in New York City, but Queens, one of the five boroughs of NYC, is the capital language of the world. Below is a map of the linguistic diversity of the area. [World Economic Forum]

Here is a close-up:

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