If Your Friends Are Anything Like This, Then You've Got It Made

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by Robin Goode Jan 13, 2017

True friendship bridges the gap between challenges and triumph, and there is no better proof of that than the story of We Carry Kevan. We Carry Kevan is a team of backpackers helping their friend, Kevan Chandler, a man born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, fulfill his lifelong dream of traveling through Europe.

Kevan’s genetic condition affects the strength of his muscles, making them weaker as time progresses, but it doesn’t limit him from pursuing adventure. Thinking in terms of “How can Kevan do this?” rather than “Can Kevan Do This?” Kevan and his friends Tom, Phillip, Benjamin, and their videographer, Luke, planned an unforgettable 3-week backpacking trip across Europe. The team prepared for months, training to carry 65-pound Kevan up mountains and through cobblestone streets, while Kevan prepared himself to be without his wheelchair, his mode of independence.

Using a custom-made backpack, the group took turns carrying Kevan from the streets of Paris to the top of Skellig Michael, through little villages and everywhere in between.

Chronicling the journey on his blog, Facebook, and Instagram, Kevan and his team of “carriers” have motivated thousands, giving confidence to others with debilitating conditions and encouraging them to pursue their dreams.

Now that they’re home, the team’s work has only just begun. Kevan is currently reviewing the first draft of his book. He and his team are producing a film, and they’re working on turning “We Carry Kevan” into a non-profit in hopes of helping others in a more effective ways. They’re also hoping to design a backpack similar to the one used on the European trip so that others with conditions like Kevan’s can go places they otherwise wouldn’t be able to go.

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