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How to Tap Into Your Most Powerful Beliefs

by Morgan Day Cecil Jun 29, 2010
Morgan Day Cecil explains how and why to create a list of your most powerful beliefs.

Our most powerful beliefs ground us. The provide us a place we can return for inspiration, energy or hope. We use them as guiding principles for life. But how does one determine our Most Powerful Beliefs? Or MPBs, if you will.

The benefits of having a Most Powerful Beliefs List

Every thought is permissible, but not everything thought is beneficial, and our minds often prefer short cuts in thinking when forming core beliefs. We all have beliefs developed from painful experiences. These beliefs can become thought patterns that may or may not be helpful. That is why it’s impossible, as writer Neil Anderson says, “to consistently live inconsistently with what you really believe.”

The world is full of opportunities to grow, but is also full of distractions pulling us away from who we really are.

One of the benefits of a MPB list is that you can draw from it to help counteract your negative thought patterns. You can also use it to develop new patterns of thought, allowing the ideas that take airtime in your head to lead you positively and cheer you on, rather than distract and tear you down.

Creating my own MPB list makes it easier for me to make good choices. It reminds me to live from my highest thoughts and ideals, and not from my feelings and circumstances.

There is ALWAYS something for which to be grateful.

This is Number Three on my MPB list. Let’s say I’m having a challenging day. My son Lucca refuses to take a nap, and then the mechanic calls to say we need a new transmission for the car, and then the computer crashes for the 4th time in the middle of writing a blog post, and then I can’t find my phone, I’m tempted to sit and pout. This potentially predisposes me to making unhelpful decisions for the rest of the day because I’m feeling sorry for myself or just plain crappy.

That’s when I repeat my MPB Number Three. It allows me to focus on the things that are going well. The lettuce in our garden is thriving. My husband has planned a surprise date night for us tonight. My family is healthy.

As much as the world is full of opportunities to grow and develop our character and happiness, it is also full of noise and distractions pulling us away from who we really are and what we really want out of life. Your MPB list pulls you back to who you really are, who you want to be and ultimately where you are going.

How to create your own Most Powerful Beliefs List
It’s impossible to consistently live inconsistently with what you really believe.

Carve out some dedicated journaling time for write down all the things you believe to be most important. If the thought of staring at a blank sheet of paper overwhelms you, simply make a commitment to jot down thoughts as they come to you. Carry a small notepad and favorite pen along with you to help you out.

More tips for creating your own MPB List:

  • Look at the difficulties you’ve had in your life. What wisdom is now your because of those hardships?
  • Think Oprah. Every month in her mag she ends with a page of, “What I Know for Sure.” What things do you know for sure?
  • Think of your favorite quotes. Is there a common theme that runs through them? This might be inner beauty, motivation, or even irony. What words empower you?
  • What books inspire you? They can be religious, poetry, sacred texts or simply a favorite thriller or philosophy text.
  • Think of a woman or man you greatly admire. Imagine what that person would include on his or her MPB list?

Remember this is your MPB List. You are free to change, edit and add to it as much as you like. Let it grow with you as you move through life.

Once you’ve you’ve written your list, leave it on the refrigerator or as a note on your desktop, somewhere you’ll see and read it every day, several times a day. The constant repetition allows these thoughts to sit in the forefront of your mind, pushing other less helpful and darker thoughts to the back. Memorize your list; share it with others. Use the items on that list to encourage yourself, your family and friends when they’re having a hard time.

Above all, let them empower you.


What are some of your most powerful beliefs, that help guide you through life? We’d love to know, if you’re happy to share them below.

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