India's New Feminist Commercial Should Be Seen on Every TV Set Around the World

India Travel
by Morgane Croissant Feb 27, 2016

Some call it a “second shift”, other call it a “double burden”, but what it really is is gender inequality.

Traditional gender roles demand that women deal with household chores and child care, even if they have a full-time job, just like their male life partners. A 2007 study suggests that “92% of women in the US manage all household tasks including child care and meal preparation“.

This new powerful Indian laundry detergent commercial tackles this issue and asks men to take equal responsibility for all domestic tasks.

It is high time for male life partners to finally step up and pull their weight. If a commercial can help set the record straight that it is not “mom’s job” to do housework, we’d like to see it broadcast on every TV around the world.

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