Infographic: Here's Everything You Need to Know About the Ice Creams of the World

by Albie Hartshill Jul 26, 2016

SWEET JESUS, IT’S HOT OUTSIDE. The United States is currently dealing with a “heat dome,” which means it’s insanely, cripplingly hot outside. In my apartment, we’ve only got one window unit, so I have to carry it from my bedroom at night (because I don’t like sleeping in sweat) to my living room (where I work) on a daily basis. There’s only one thing that can save me from this hell: ice cream.

Fairmont, a luxury hotel site, has created this guide to the world’s great ice creams. Some of it looks great (yes please to gelato and Mochi). Some of it looks… interesting (come on, Germany). But honestly, I’d eat any of it right now to get some relief from this heat.

From the UK to the US, from Italy to India, we have compiled a list of the most popular ice creams around the world. From Kulfi to Gelato, how are they made and what's in them?
Produced by Fairmont

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