All graphics made by Trippy.

Infographic: This Is the Ultimate Guide to the Country's Best Historic Bars

by Matador Creators Jun 20, 2016

TO THIS DAY, THE BEST TOURISTY THING I’ve ever done was a “literary pub crawl” in Edinburgh. We walked around the city to old bars and pubs that famous Scottish writers used to drink at. History is much more interesting when it goes hand-in-hand with intoxication.

There are plenty of historical bars in the United States, too. The website Trippy put together the perfect historic bar cross-country pub-crawl road trip. Their road trip includes 196 high-rated, historic bars.


All graphics made by Trippy.

Here’s a more detailed map:

The average rating of the bars on TripAdvisor is 4.13 out of five, but there are a bunch of 5-star bars on the itinerary as well.


They’ve also figured out which ones will let you stay the latest.


Or if you can’t do the full road trip, you can focus on the states with the most historic bars.


It’s a packed itinerary, but it’s worth putting onto the old bucket list.

You can learn more about how they chose the itinerary at their home page.

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