Photo: Chris O'Leary

Lucky Passenger From NYC Got Plane (Almost) to Himself

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by Morgane Croissant Jan 14, 2015

Source: The Telegraph

CHRIS O’LEARY got to experience something frequent flyers would like to enjoy more often: a whole plane to himself.

From his hotel room located across the street from the airport, O’Leary kept checking the status of his flight that was delayed by six hours and did not leave until the plane was ready to head out. This was the smart move that got him a “private jet” from Cleveland to NYC: all the other passengers booked on the original flight were sent off onto different planes earlier and he was the only one left.

After getting his picture taken by a flight attendant and enjoying a personal pre-flight safety demonstration, the fun stopped as a second passenger got on the plane.

Nonetheless, that did not prevent O’Leary from enjoying this memorable flight: “The best part was there was no crying babies on board, there was no one in front of me to lean their seat back into me, and I felt no guilt leaning my seat back […] that felt really good to have that whole space to myself.”

To top it all off, O’Leary was upgraded to first class!

Have you ever flown in a nearly empty plane?

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