Biz Stone. Photo by Joi Ito

Twitter Founder Biz Leaves Twitter for Secret New Project

by Leigh Shulman Jul 6, 2011
Isaac “Biz” Stone announced last week that he’ll be leaving Twitter and joining the other two Twitter founders, Evan Williams and Jason Goldman to start work on a new venture.

The Obvious Corporation — the original company where Twitter was born and raised before being set free into the world — has been brought back to life ostensibly for the sake of doing something radical to change the way we currently use technology.

So what are they doing? Only they know for sure. As you can see on their website Q&A:

What are you guys up to? We’re relaunching Obvious—the company that incubated Twitter before we spun it out as a completely separate entity.

Why are you doing this?
 We are passionate about identifying problems that people can help solve through innovation on the Internet, and we enjoy collaborating on solutions.

What are you building?
 We are not ready to discuss specifics except to say that our thesis is building systems that help people work together to improve their lives and the world.

When do you plan to announce more specifics?
 Not yet. But, please feel free to sign up to our newsletter, Obvious News, for company updates and information as we make progress.

I’m a reporter or journalist, can I interview you guys?
 We’re not ready to do interviews yet because we’re not ready to talk about the specifics of our work. However, we do have a media inquires form.

Clear as mud, there’s something going on, perhaps even right this very moment, but they’re not answering any questions and can’t give us any hints beyond the most vague of sweeping generalizations. Kind of reminds me of that group. I can’t remember what they’re called, but it was announced last year that they’re starting their own Facebook-like website, one where you don’t have to give up all your personal information and freedom. Or like Chatroulette which gave all kinds of future promises. I know I got all worked up about it, but we haven’t heard much since.

The big difference, though, is Biz is called Biz for a reason. He has a solid track record not just with Twitter but with blogging and the internet in general. His list of credentials includes AOL, Trazzler in addition to other education, philanthropic and tech expertise. So this time, I can honestly say, I’m excited to hear what finally emerges from this little cocoon of secrecy.

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