What if I Wait Until It's Too Late?

by Leigh Shulman May 18, 2010
Come, let us talk openly of age and ability, and whether it’s ever too late to do the things you want.

Take Hazel Soares who just graduated from Mills College in Oakland, CA with an art history degree. She is 94 years old.

Do away with your hundred indecisions and all of your revisions. Is it worth it to wonder “Do I dare?” Instead, start now, no matter what your situation, your age or your physical condition.

Gulf War veteran Dana Cummings made it through two tours of service without major injury then came home to lose his leg in a car accident. Know what he did? He took up surfing.

Jessica Watson successfully sailed the world at sixteen years old in spite of other people’s doubts. “People don’t realize what 16 year olds and girls are capable of,” she said. “It’s amazing when you take away those expectations, what you can do.”

What Can I Do?

You can ride a dune buggy. You can parachute jump. You can become a professional photographer at any age!

All you women in your early to mid-thirties can stop worrying that your fertility is slowly seeping out of your ear and read about a woman in India who gave birth to twins in her seventies.

You can become the world’s oldest male stripper like Bernie Barker, who took up dancing to get in shape while recovering from prostate cancer.

You, too, can become a painter after a successful career as a writer.

When you hear yourself creating reasons for why you can’t. Too old. Too weak. Too long. Too far away. Too whatever. That’s just fear talking. The I-Can’ts. I-Won’ts. They lead you to the overwhelming question.

What If?

Do you want to look back and say, it would have been worth it after all, but in short, I was afraid?

What if you never try? What if you could have done it but allowed fear to stop you instead? What if you stop asking questions and take a leap into the abyss?

What if you dare to eat that peach?


Is there anything you are letting fear stop you doing? Is there anything you simply must do before you die? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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