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Will the Fledgling Diaspora Teach Facebook a Lesson?

by Leigh Shulman May 13, 2010
People have been bitching about Facebook’s lack of privacy and protection of information for years. Now, it seems Goliath may have met its David.

Last month, Diaspora launched it’s campaign to begin another social media site, meant to be similar to Facebook but without all the pesky privacy and censorship issues.

They gave themselves 39 days to raise $10,000. They made their goal in 12. Even more impressive, they reached $50,000 mostly of small individual donations through microloan website Kickstarter, where they give you a chance to “decentralize the web” by supporting their project.

Now, Diaspora has moved onto the big time.

They’ve been featured in the New York Times and Techcrunch and have well known supporters, the likes of TWiT’s Leo Laporte.

Will Facebook learn from its tiny rival and change its privacy and censorship policies? Or will the giant be forced to step aside for this latest addition to the social networking family?


Will you join Diaspora? Or is this just another flash-in-the-pan social media flap that will eventually die out, and we’ll all go quietly back to Facebook?

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