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You'll Soon Be Able to Take a Road Trip From Moscow to New York

by Morgane Croissant Jul 2, 2015

Russia plans to make airplanes and boats obsolete by connecting Eurasia to North America with a tunnel, according to the Siberian Times.

Although the route for such an ambitious project is yet to be determined, by building a high-speed railway and a superhighway (alongside the tracks) across Russia and over the Bearing Straight to Alaska, Vladimir Yakunin, the head of Russia’s state railways, would link the whole Northern Hemisphere thanks to the largest and longest highway on Earth.

The current highway system in North America could then connect this formidable infrastructure to the rest of the continent via The Alaska Highway. As far as the railway connection is concerned, we’ll have to wait for the US to extend their railway network to make any travelling plans.

Overland travellers may already be dreaming of loaded roofracks and travel mugs filled with vodka on their next road trip from Vlasdivostock to San francisco, but this plan (estimated to cost trillions of dollars) has much more to do with an extremely long-term investment in Russia’s oil and gas pipelines, and the development of isolated Siberia, than some romantic adventures.

So, don’t hold your breath.

Instead, look into the 7-day trip from Moscow to Beijing in the Trans-Siberian or the future 48-hour one between the same two cities in high-speed train. It won’t get you to The Americas, but it will get you closer.

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