1. Breaks and Swells

This energetic, dancy 9-person band encourages the audience to clap their hands and dance along. A mixture of funk and soul, they incorporate almost every instrument you can imagine from aux percussion to horns.

2. Kris Orlowski

This quickly rising folk-rock artist is easy to relate to with his raw, honest lyrics about life and love. The upbeat song “Believer” showcases his strong vocals which blend seamlessly with backing keyboard and guitar.

3. Lemolo

The sultry, hypnotizing voice of Lemolo will put you in a trance, especially with their recent single “Low Halo.”

4. Odesza

This electronic dance duo has become a Seattle favorite in the few years they’ve been together. With songs showcasing everything from electropop to chillwave, their recent single “Light” shows off their signature airy synth cords.

5. Duke Evers

Starting with just a guitar and a toy drum set, this indie rock duo has come a long way. It’s pop-rock melodies with a touch of blues.

6. Hibou

Indie pop meets the 80s with Hibou. “When the Season Ends” will take you back to happy, carefree summers with keys that make you feel like you’re in a dream.

7. The Maldives

This six-person ensemble encompasses everything from country folk songs to love ballads. Their pedal steel and fiddle help create a melody as relaxing as the islands themselves.

8. The Fame Riot

This brother duo produce electro pop music and sound like a cross between MGMT and David Bowie. Their glitter and spandex adorned outfits make watching their show all the more fun.

9. Ayron Jones and The Way

Soulful rock is the best way to describe these “boys from the Puget Sound.” Their Jimi Hendrix influenced bass sound and Lenny Kravitz-like vocals caught the eye of Seattle’s own Sir-Mix-A-Lot, who produced their album. “Baptized In Muddy Waters” displays the best of their mix of blues and rock, and Ayron’s strong vocals shine through.

10. Robert DeLong

DeLong is a one-man wonder, playing the drums, keyboard, and sampler at the same time. His single “Global Concepts” quickly became an international hit. He has invented his own electronic sound, and is absolutely mesmerizing to watch live.