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6 Ways Flings Are Better When You're Traveling

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by Alyssa Ramos Oct 24, 2015

1. Meeting someone is completely unexpected.

Unless you’re really good at looking people up in other countries, or you pay to use Tinder Plus, meeting someone while traveling is pretty unexpected. Kind of like how you secretly hope to get seated next to someone cute on the plane then end up next to someone with bronchitis and a baby…except the exact opposite.

I believe the word “unexpected” is synonymous with “surprised”, and well, who doesn’t love an awesome surprise? Especially if that surprise comes in the form of a foreign fling. In fact, unexpectedly meeting someone while traveling is even more awesome, since you’ll probably convince yourself that it was a stroke of fate and those butterflies will just keep fluttering every time you see them!

2. There’s no limits when there’s a time limit.

The thing about meeting someone while you’re traveling is that you know when your flight home is. AKA you have a time limit for how long you get to spend with that person, which makes everything so much more passionate and exciting.

You know damn well that there’s a good chance you’ll never see that person again, which means you’ll want to spend every second you can with them. In normal life, that would probably lead to blocking someone’s number, but when you know it’s a short fling while traveling, it’s totally acceptable.

3. You never have to worry about conversation getting boring.

Chances are that if you meet someone while traveling, they’ll have some sort of sexy foreign accent. That means that no matter what they say, it’ll sound attractive. Think about the most boring conversation you’ve ever heard in your life, like a lecture on the biology of dirt, then add in a sultry Spanish accent, and voila! Instant intrigue!

Language barriers will also force you to listen and pay attention, and not be ADD A F while someone’s trying to have a conversation.

4. You won’t be subjected to social media distractions.

In general, social media distractions will always cost you, whether it’s at home and your date doesn’t text you back because you were too busy scrolling on Instagram the whole time, or while traveling and your data plan costs a pretty penny.

The nice thing about having a fling while traveling is that they’ll (hopefully) be more distracting to you than what someone else is Snapchatting or who recently got married on Facebook. Not being distracted by social media will not only save you money, but it’ll save you from being too distracted to really experience the place you’re traveling in.

Wouldn’t you rather be distracted by a foreign romance than a phone anyway?

5. You can romanticize and be completely unrealistic.

Trust me, I want to meet a sexy foreign heartthrob who invites me to live with him in the Italian Riviera and feed me wine all day just as much as the next highly imaginative girl does. But the odds of a happily-ever-after-ending with a fling while you’re traveling are typically pretty slim.

But the thought is still pretty awesome, so why not turn it into a fairy tale, and act like prince charming really is going to whisk you away to the castle on his white horse? You don’t need to worry about how you’re going to make the perfect relationship work; you just need to enjoy the moment.

6. You’ll always get a happy ending.

Get your mind out of the gutter! And if it wasn’t in there than disregard that little outburst. While I’d definitely give you a high five if you happen to “get lucky” with some passionate foreign fling, what I initially meant is that you’re more likely to leave with a smile and an awesome story than a heart break.

Even if you end up not staying in touch with your fling, you’ll still have that romantic story about how you met someone abroad and spent a week together that seemed like a year. When you stop talking to someone you’ve been dating back home, the story typically isn’t so pretty.

“He ran up to me with his surfboard in Bondi Beach, invited me to watch the sunset over the Sydney Harbor, took me to dinner even though he knew I was leaving, then drove me to the airport.”

Makes for a WAY better story than, “We went on a few dates but I haven’t talked to him recently.” Just saying.

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