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8 Awesome Ways to Trick Out a Burrito

by Alex Nolette Jul 12, 2010
Burritos are a go-to classic when you’re hungry for something that will fill you up. You can count on a burrito to be nourishing and contain at least a dollop of each of the four food groups. In the spirit of adding a little giddy-up to a dietary staple, here are eight ways to put the o back into your burrito.
Breakfast Burrito

Your local fast food joint probably has you skeptical about the breakfast burrito being anything but a pathetic under-filled tortilla shell with the breakfast scraps. Try a legitimate breakfast burrito with fresh eggs, potatoes, onions, and green chilies, and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it before.

California-Style (San Diego and some So-Cal)

Go almost anywhere outside southern California and order a California-style burrito and you will receive an (albeit delicious) run-of-the-mill burrito. But go to a burrito joint in San Diego, and the burrito includes a golden, flaky surprise. Yes! French Fries.

Carne Guisada

Think of carne guisada as the Mexican beef stew. Chunks of beef are slow roasted for hours in a gravy that leaves the beef fall-apart tender. Swap out the old and weathered carne asada for the fresh and tantalizing guisada, and rekindle your love for the burrito.

Chili Relleno

I would assume that most of us are familiar with the queso stuffed poblano chili known as a ‘chile relleno’. What most of you are probably not familiar with, is a burrito using this Mexican side dish as the center for a jaw-busting, huge burrito. All the normal burrito fillings are all packed around the chile, making for a tasty, yet intimidating burrito.


If there are two words that bring on a Pavlovian response in the American, they are “fried” and “burrito”. Combine the two and you’ve got a Chimichanga. This almost indecent burrito is usually topped with melted cheese and salsa picante, and served with dollops of guacamole, sour cream, and pico de gallo.


Chorizo is a sausage that is made from pork and dried peppers. It’s usually ground for burrito filling and adds a spicier element to your burritos that knocks chicken and carne asada out of the park in flavor. Next time you’re in line trying to decide on bird or cow, take a chance on chorizo.


It’s a burrito in every way that you would expect, except it’s smothered in melted cheese and red-chili sauce. When pondering on whether to make your burrito a “wet” burrito, the only real question is, “Why not?”

Korean Burrito

It looks like a burrito, alright. The texture is even similar. But once you bite into a Korean burrito your palate will certainly short-circuit. This burrito is usually stuffed with a tender Korean-style meat (usually bulgogi), Asian style rice, veggies, and occasionally kimchi. I hear that Kogi Korean BBQ Taco Truck is slinging excellent Korean burritos around LA.

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