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Cheers! FDA Approves Hangover Cure

by Jason Wire Dec 6, 2011

BLOWFISH, AN OVER-THE-COUNTER Alka-Seltzer-y hangover-cure cocktail contains 1,000mg of aspirin, 120mg of caffeine, and a stomach-soothing agent.

As if your hungover self really cares what’s in it.

“Back in the day,” as this 24-year-old writer likes to say, I couldn’t get a hangover if I wanted to. I played power hour with shots of SoCo. I held regular Everclear tasting parties. I mainlined moonshine while doing a keg stand and chased it all with an Arbor Mist.

Well, maybe my memory is a little fuzzy, but you get the point: I went to college.

But somewhere around my junior year I started to feel it. The hangover from hell that I’d always heard about, where a bright, sunny day becomes a blistering inferno of displeasure and the sound of a mouse hiccuping would send me into a downward depression. So yeah, I am pretty jazzed up about the fact that the Food and Drug Administration has finally given their seal of approval for a dissolvable Get Out of Hangover Free Card.

Well, not free. It’s $2.99 or $11.99 for a six-pack. And if you live in Manhattan, Blowfish will even deliver you one in less than 24 hours via courier. But 15 to 30 minutes after downing this sucker, they say your hangover “symptoms” should be gone. And I like the fact that this is to be taken the morning after drinking, so it’s clear as to whether or not you need it, and not an excuse to say “Well, I better get my money’s worth for this thing! [GULP]”

Just think, five years from now, college kids will tell you, “Oh, bro, you used to get hangovers, right? What was that like?”

Worse than dial-up, young Padawan.

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