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Drinking a Trashcan at The Eddie Burger + Bar

Banff Travel
by Candice Walsh Feb 6, 2012
This tiny spot in Banff likes to get innovative with its drinks.

BANFF, ALBERTA IS A BIT of a party town. Considering that much of its population consists of short-term visitors from overseas (especially Australia and New Zealand), this probably isn’t much of a surprise. It’s touristy as heck, but the nightlife is intense and it’s perfectly acceptable to get sloshed at 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon. Or it is when you’re me, at least.

On my first drive through town, I was introduced to The Eddie Burger + Bar. It’s a tiny spot, but it’s home to some epic burgers, including “The Edward” with a beef patty, pork patty, chicken patty, and hot dog. Yeah, a hot dog. I opted for the more refined Rocky Mountain Burger, a large elk patty which I tried to balance with the healthy salad option. It didn’t work.

But despite an onslaught of the meat sweats and a stomach bloated with protein, I could not resist The Eddie Trashcan.

It’s as ridiculous as it sounds: a massive beer mug containing 2 ounces of vodka, gin, rum and triple sec, 1 ounce of Blue Curacao, lime juice, and a full can of Red Bull. And I do mean a full can of Red Bull: the liquid itself is poured into the mug, and then the can is crushed up and placed in the liquid as well. The whole thing costs about $9.

It tastes delicious, and it will probably make you go blind.

The Eddie Trashcan also creates a lovely illusion whereby you think the drink is finished, and then you lift the Red Bull can to release a crapload of more booze. It’s like Christmas Day when you discover that one hidden present behind the couch.

A Pickleback, better than Nickleback.

If you’re really trying to impress your friends, or if you want to break your own personal record of debauchery, follow up the Trashcan with a Pickleback shot: a shot of whiskey followed by a shot of pickle brine.

Apparently this is the kinda thing that stays off the menu — perhaps due to some liability issues concerning potential death — but I assure you the Pickelback is nothing to sneeze at, and all you have to do is request it at the bar. It tasted surprisingly delicious, although this may have been a result of deadened taste buds caused by the infusion of six different types of liquor.

Swing by The Eddie Burger + Bar in the early evening to grab a seat, as the place can get crowded in the evenings (especially weekends).

The Eddie Burger Bar
#6 137 Banff Avenue (on Caribou St. between Banff Ave and Bear St.)
Banff, Alberta T1L 1B7, Canada
(403) 762-2230

Monday, 12pm – 2am
Tuesday, 3pm – 1am
Wednesday, 12pm – 2am
Thursday, 3pm – 1am
Friday to Sunday, 11am – 1am

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