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Fashion's Night Out Is Tonight in New York City

by Kristin Conard Sep 8, 2011
Fashion’s Night Out in New York is tonight. Here’s where to go.

I GREW UP IN Kansas, and I lived in New Jersey – the result was that whenever I jumped on a train to the city, I always felt just a little bit frumpy, just a little bit not New York fashionable. And I was rarely able to do more than window shop at the big name designer stores – when a dress costs more than your rent, it’s a bit off-putting. And forget about ever being able to keep up with the trends as they come down the runway twice a year.

But even if you’re like me and can’t afford the fashions of New York, there is Fashion’s Night Out where you can get bargains or just eat, drink, and party. In its third year, the event was the idea of Anna Wintour, Vogue editor-in-chief. There are activities throughout New York all night as well as across the country. Here are some of the coolest events in New York, or at least the ones I’d go to.

Phillip Lim’s shop is going to be turned into a “bike stop.” If you’re one of the first four people to show up, you get a free night at the Mondrian Hotel. 115 Mercer Street at 6pm

A lot of shops around the city are having specials and sales, but if you want a chance at some designer labels, there’s the Loehmann’s designer sample sale in Chelsea. 101 Seventh Avenue and 2101 Broadway, 6:30pm

Random appeal
Bergdorf’s has invited Whoopie Goldberg to a debate over facial hair. This seems interesting for its intense surrealist appeal. 745 Fifth Avenue, 7:30pm

Hat shop Worth & Worth is going old school with a Gatsby hat party. You can build-your-own-hat if you have the inclination, or you can just go to dance. 45 West 57th Street, 6pm

Alice + Olivia will have fortune tellers, carnival games, cotton candy vendors, and plenty of drinks. 80 West 40th Street and 755 Madison Avenue, 6pm

Best Coast will be performing at Helmut Lang, but I think the big draw is the all you can eat lobster rolls. 93 Mercer Street, 6pm

Ice Cream
Vera Wang, fashion designer, will be serving ice cream out of a Mister Softee truck. Check Twitter for locations @VeraWangGang. * Feature photo: sakeeb

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