Micromix by Atlas Sound

by David Miller Oct 19, 2009
An Atlas Sound micromix from this summer that seems made for Fall.

I’m still tripping on this Micromix [follow link for free download] from Bradford Cox of Deerhunter.

Even though it was released this summer (and there are a few we-shall-overcome moments that seem like they could’ve only been produced in places with hot weather) the mix has this real autumn-y feel overall, introspective and rainy. But then sometimes you need minor chords.

What I love the most is the momentum that always seems to keep pushing you downstream. It starts with some kind of sweaty handclapping gospel you can visualize somewhere in South Georgia which then dissolves @3:00 to these ambient soundscapes that sound like outer space or maybe Finland.

From there it flows into Pescado Rabioso. This is the stuff my wife and her friends grew up listening to in Buenos Aires, all of them in varying degrees of love with the lead singer Spinetta.

There’s a cool chronological jump then where it goes from Spinetta’s music from the early 70s to current Buenos Aires musical innovator Juana Molina.

I don’t want to keep narrating the rest except to say it all stays tight and ‘in the pocket’ even through a bit of Neil Young and one original track from Atlas Sound, which is Bradford Cox.
Good mixes always reflect the mixer and the person he or she is mixing for, which makes me wonder who exactly “Jeff in Vancouver” is and if there is any connection to Argentina.

I think Bradford Cox is the most relevant musician in the US right now. His mixes are like extensions of the rest of his (and sometimes Deerhunter’s) tracks, many of which get released, like these micromixes, for free at their blog. The original post for this micromix is here. Enjoy.

1. Rev. Johnny L. Jones – Walk With Me / Anonymous – We Shall Overcome
2. Es – Säteet Sun Sielusta
3. Pescado Rabioso – Superchería
4. Juana Molina – Martin Fierro
5. The Particles – Apricot’s Dream
6. Neil Young – Bad Fog Of Loneliness
7. Anonymous – We Shall Overcome
8. Atlas Sound – Coffin Trick (Second Version)
9. Townes Van Zandt – Pancho & Lefty
10. Pescado Rabioso – Las Habladurías Del Mundo

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