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The 9 Best Hangover Foods in Cincinnati

by Matt Hershberger Dec 3, 2015

THERE’S WAY MORE TO CINCINNATI hangover food than chili and goetta (and Skyline has always been more of a drunk food for me anyway). Here are some of the Queen City’s best places to get food when you’re not really feeling your best.

1. Burgers at Zip’s.

Just down the street from the place you drank too much at last night.

2. Literally anything at Taste of Belgium.

Now that’s a Burger!! #xmasevebrunch #eatlikeabelgian #respectthewaffle #till3pmtoday

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Because waffles should be considered a staple AND a condiment.

3. The Vine St. Walk of Shame at Hangover Easy

They also have a breakfast burrito called the “Dirty Sanchez.”

4. Cheesesteaks at Penn Station.

It says “East Coast Subs.” But Penn Station was founded in Cincinnati.

5. Cold LaRosa’s Pizza.

Eat local. #CincyMade #LaRosas Photo courtesy imma_tam

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Order it while you’re drunk for drunk food. Eat it the next morning for hangover food.

6. Pho or Banh Mi at Pho Lang Thang

Or, as you know it, “That Vietnamese place in Findlay Market.”

7. Frisch’s Big Boy

For when you really don’t care what you put inside you.

8. Habit’s Potato Rags

Hash browns covered in bacon, onion, tomato, cheddar, mozzarella, and ranch.

9. Mac & Cheese at Keystone

Come to any of our three locations and ask your server about the Mac of the Day! Each Mac is 1/2 off with a beverage!

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Because duh.


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