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The World's Most Ridiculous Food Festival

by Jason Wire Sep 11, 2011
135 food trucks. Over 400 items on the menu. Why do I have only one stomach?

Marshmallow apple sticks. Habanero ice cream. Deep fried Kool-Aid.

These and hundreds of other ridiculous food creations (S’mores on a stick) will be on hand during the 90th annual West Side Nut Club Fall Festival, descending upon Evansville’s Franklin Street from October 2-8, where hundreds of thousands of people will commit an untold number of arterial atrocities ranging from deep fried oreos to brain sandwiches to venison chili. Oh yeah, and all the food is sponsored by local non-profits. That’s good too.

The Fall Festival is the world’s biggest street fair outside of Mardi Gras and probably one of the most amazing culinary undertakings in recorded history. For the uninitiated, take a look at the Munchie Map for a preview of what a caloric bender you’re about to embark upon.

Of course, classic standbys like foot-long corn dogs and local specialty kuchens will be there. But you’ve always wondered what kangaroo tastes like, and frozen jalapeno juice icees sound way more intriguing than Diet Mountain Dew.

As always, every carnival ride and game imaginable will be there — the Gravitron, the Ring of Fire, houses of mirrors — along with my personal favorite, Rat Roulette, where instead of landing a ball on a random number, a rat is released to crawl into a randomly numbered hole, thereby winning lucky carnival-goers a stuffed animal far too big to fit in your car.

Take-home boxes are encouraged. Like that old refrigerator box, for instance. What: Evansville West Side Nut Club Fall Festival
Where: Evansville, Indiana – Franklin Street
When: October 2-8
Cost: Free

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