1. There will constantly be sand on everything from your many jaunts to the beach.

Beach Baby (1)

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2. You’ll have “Everything is Awesome” stuck in your head for weeks after visiting Legoland.


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3. Your kids may get ideas about locking you in a jail cell in Alcatraz.


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4. You’ll feel old when you visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame and your kids ask who the Backstreet Boys are.

5. Your kids will ask you to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge again…and again…and again…

golden gate bridge

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6. Disneyland is going to fuel their obsession with Frozen even more.

Ana and Elsa We do love Frozen! @darthdiebold #disneyland #frozen #disneylandfrozen

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7. You may have to explain where the birds and the bees come from if you stumble upon elephant seals

elephant seal

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8. They’ll have to get off their iPads to stare at natural wonders in Yosemite.


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9. You don’t want to risk introducing them to fish tacos and having them actually like them – then you’ll have to make that for dinner instead of easy macaroni and cheese.

fish tacos

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10. Your kids may decide to switch from wanting to be a doctor or lawyer when they grow up to being a surfer.

Surfer Beach

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