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12 Ways You Know You're a Local in Oneonta, NY

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by Jeromy Slaby Apr 17, 2015

1. You avoid that hill on Cherry Street at all costs.

Whether you’re driving in the middle of the day or walking in the middle of the night, that hill on Cherry Street is a death trap. If you ask a local for directions, they will never include this hill. You know that if you do have to walk up the hill, you better not stop or you’ll never make it all the way up.

2. You walk into Latte Lounge and know at least 3 other people there.

It’s true, Oneonta is a small town, but, let’s face it, Latte Lounge is where you’ll most likely find your next door neighbor, your cousin, and your best friend on a Saturday morning.

3. You keep track of the days until Pie in the Sky opens again.

You already know that Pie in the Sky opens at 2 pm on April 17th this year. Locals trek out to try out the constantly varying flavors of ice cream they make. Your favorite is probably the blueberry cheesecake. If you’re devoted enough to go out to its location on State Highway 7, you know you may even get an ice cream flavor named after you.

4. You’re proud of the fact that cold cheese pizza originated here.

A slice of freshly baked pizza with cold cheese thrown on top? That’s the basic idea behind Tino’s Pizzeria cold cheese pizza. No one makes cold cheese pizza like Tino’s does.

5. You look forward to eating at the Yellow Deli.

You know the maté and the artisanal bread are some of the best options, but you still always end up ordering the Spinwich or The Yellow Submarine.

6. Undercover Eggplant, hands down.

Others may think that an undercover eggplant is a purple plum, but at this sandwich-specializing eatery the eggplant shines. If you’re a true local, you’ll just say “I’m going to Undercover.” You always end up getting a City of the Hills, Mrs. Eggplant, or The Hertha Winch.

7. You miss the swanky vibe of Neptune’s Diner.

You mourned its closure in late 2013 after nearly three decades in business.

8. You know that OH Fest is a widely-debated event.

But you’ll go anyway. Panic! at the Disco headlining and both colleges helping in the cleanup of the event? A win-win.

9. You wait all summer for the Susquehanna Hot Air Balloon Festival in Neawha Park.

Without fail, at the end of August each year, you’ll find yourself staring into the sky as hot air balloons float overhead.

10. You actually pronounce “Oneonta” correctly.

It’s “oh-nee-ON-ta.” Not ah-nee-an-ta. Not oh-nee-AN-ta.

11. Any free weekend or afternoon, you’re at Pine Lake.

You spend your time kayaking, canoeing, or bird watching, and you’ve definitely gone to your fair share of Contra Dances in the Vaudevillian.

12. You love the sloth at the Joseph L. Popp, Jr. Butterfly Conservatory.

No matter that this awesome conservatory houses over 150 animals, the sloth is arguably the coolest thing this place has going for it!

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