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23 Reasons to Hit the Road Again

by David Page Jun 11, 2010
(Other than just to broaden your horizons or impress your friends)
1. the deal fell through
2. the beer/weed/money/food/firewood’s run out
3. the band’s quit
4. the rent’s due
5. the roommates are getting on your nerves
6. the job sucks
7. he/she wants to settle down and have kids
8. he/she isn’t ready to settle down and have kids
9. you’ve come to the end of the book
10. your friends are gone
11. you’ve done your time
12. the kids are awake
13. the kids are out of school
14. the kids aren’t in school yet
15. the kids are gone
16. the hard drive’s crashed
17. the weather’s perfect
18. the weather sucks
19. the place/people/culture ain’t what you thought
20. it’s Friday
21. it’s Monday
22. you’re (still) not all you can be
23. to get back home

Community Connection

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How about you? What makes you want to take off?

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