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1. Venezuelans aren’t broke or short on cash… they’re “eating a cable” (están comiéndose un cable)
2. Venezuelans don’t go partying… they “go to rumba” (salen a rumbear).
3. Venezuelans don’t ask for an extra slice or a “bonus”… they request a “ñapa”.
4. Venezuelans don’t have friends… They have “panas”.
5. Venezuelans don’t get annoyed… they “get crab-liced” (se ladillan).
6. For a Venezuelan, things don’t go wrong… “the turkey gets dropped” (le cae la pava).
7. Venezuelans don’t ask you to “wait a sec”… they request if you can “wait for a hair” (espérate un pelo).
8. Venezuelans don’t have a fling… they have a “resolved” thing (tienen un resuelve).
9. A Venezuelan doesn’t run out of patience with you… you pulled their stone out (le sacas la piedra).
10. Venezuelans won’t’ ask you for a favor… they would ask you to second them (hazme la segunda).
11. Venezuelans don’t “go Dutch” with a bill… They “make a cow” (hacen una vaca).
12. Venezuelans don’t crash a party… they “arrive as rice farmers” (llegan de arroceros).
13. Venezuelans are not causing carnage a place… they go on a rampage called “zaperoco” (forman un zaperoco).
14. For Venezuelans, someone isn’t short… that person is a “floor’s bump” (es un chichón de piso).
15. Venezuelans won’t tell you to go to hell… they’ll send you to the “cipote” (te mandan pal cipote).
16. For Venezuelans, certain people are not scoundrels…. They are “covered in shells” (son unos conchu’os).
17. Venezuelans don’t beat you up… they fall on top of you with “coñazos”.
18. Venezuelans don’t get hangover… they get sick as a cat that has eaten too many rats (se enratonan).
19. You don’t bribe a Venezuelan… you rattle him or her (lo o la matraquean).
20. Venezuelans aren’t just lucky… they are “lechu’os”.
21. Venezuelans aren’t just unlucky… they are “turkey-like” (están empavados).
22. Venezuelans don’t make mistakes… They get peeled off (se pelan).
23. Venezuelans are not proactive nor they stay focus… They “get some batteries on” (se ponen las pilas).
24. Venezuelans won’t call you opportunistic… they’ll say you are “rolo e’vivo”.
25. Venezuelans won’t betray you and tell on you… they “make you a toad” (te sapean).
26. Venezuelans don’t order a drink… They ask for a stick (piden un palo).
27. A Venezuelan doesn’t get scared… His or her ass gets itchy (le da culillo).
28. Venezuelans aren’t nice or cool or great… they are “chéveres”.