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3 Sites That Get You Writing Now!

by Joshywashington Dec 22, 2009
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WARNING: The following websites are so full of writing prompts, collaborations, games and exercises, you might start writing whether you want to or not.


Language is a has dozens of writing exercises, prompts, games and collaborative writing experiments. Going one step further, Language offers book publishing/selling support. This is a site that could easily threaten even the heartiest excuses for not writing and keep you busy for hours.


Write or doesn’t want to tickle you into writing, it wants to push, poke, and punish you into writing. Select a desired word count, time limit, grace period and consequences. The latter two selections determine how the website reacts to your productivity.

If you are not typing fast enough to meet your goals the screen will blink pink then red. On the less forgiving “evil” modes, your words begin to disappear if you stop writing. You can also set a lofty word count goal and track your progress on a widget badge for your blog. Fun stuff!


An “Endless Senseless Collaborative Book”, this site urges you to write what you are thinking quickly, contributing to the 5,000+ entries of this strange stream of consciousness. Spewing whatever comes to mind in complete anonymity is not only fun, it’s addicting! *The travel writing course from MatadorU gives you access to freelance leads for paid travel writing, travel jobs, and press trips, as well as connections to travel editors at Matador and beyond.

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