50 Inspirational Matador Travelers: 21-30

by Bailey Ash Sep 18, 2008
Matador is the world’s first interactive magazine for travel, lifestyle, and place.

Matador members believe they can change the world, and they’re out there doing it every day.

Sure, we publish the same sorts of articles you find in print publications, but these articles are just window-dressing. The editor in me cringes, but it’s true.

But no matter what we write, the most important part of Matador is the community. Whenever I need a little stoke, I browse Matador member profiles. I’m always awed by the sheer human optimism in this remarkable community.

Thank you so much for inspiring us.

Here are 10 incredible members of the Matador community. To meet the other 40 featured travelers, please follow the links at the bottom of this page.


I felt the most immersed in a foreign culture when:
being cooked a traditional meal of meat and vegetables in a clay oven in Bosnia by a group of locals who didn’t speak English. It was the best food I’ve ever tasted and made all the better not knowing fully what it was!

Bex’s full profile


I’m fired up on:
environmental conservation, blogging, staying fit, being healthy, living life, being a mommy, photography and drinking a good glass of red wine from time to time.

Febutterfly’s full profile


I’m fired up on:
simple beauty, cultural revolution, pushing physical and mental boundaries, and catching new views. I work in environmental education, alpine research and conservation, and storytelling. I love to play outside: climbing, surfing, boating, biking, walking.

Adam’s full profile


About me:
I work for the San Francisco Unified School District, teaching city kids K-5 about the environment. I enjoy the outdoors; whether it be meditating in it or rippin up the elements. A friend once told me I am like a wave of water dousing the flame of fire to create a balance within. Sometimes I am very active, stimulated with movement and interaction. Other times I just enjoy chillaxin, kicking back,enjoying the peace of my own solitude. I am constantly trying to maintain a healthy balance in my life, so I have just the right amount of fyah to keep me hot and enough water to keep me cool.

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About me:
I’m a surfer girl, creative writing/English teacher who can’t seem to get enough out of life abroad. Despite my annual travels, my six-year old pug keeps me grounded.

Why I travel:
If you’ve been, you know; if you haven’t, then go!

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About Me:
I suppose I could say I’m generally rather tough (also with myself), temperamental and stubborn, yet at the same time softhearted and sentimental. I’m full of fire most of the time, but philosophical and with a good portion of my youth idealism still intact, although realistic towards the realities of life. I’m spiritual but not religious and optimistic with a positive outlook. Aspiring, open-minded and intuitive, always planning forward with plenty of imagination, honesty and where justice and morality rule the way, finished off with a cream topping of generosity…I’m obviously a Sagittarius if you’re still wondering.

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Emily Hansen

About me:
Jill of all trades, barking-seal English Instructor, mentally-diverse gangster.

Places I want to go to:
I want to die in my sleep, sixty years from now, on the Trans-Mongolian railway.

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Mike Szymanski

Travel style:
Rough it: Hitchhike, Sleep on the side of the road, Stay with new friends, Backpacker, Often Solo (not that you are ever really alone though), Camp, Easy Going, Spontaneous.

I want to make a difference by:
Harnessing economic power to create a more socially and economically just world.

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Ideal place to watch the sunrise:
Above the clouds

Before I die I’d like to:
Die a thousand times, then go on living. Or live a thousand lives, then go on dying.

Let’s collaborate:
Meet in Cognito, and I’ll buy you a cerveza con leche. Or drop me a line and we’ll share an adventure if we’re in the same neck of the woods.

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I’m fired up on:
Travel. vintage. Healthy living. novels. Good art. Good theatre. Good film. Good food. Good humor. Good friends. mystery. religion. mystery religions. magic. the sea. changing moods. changing minds. changing seasons. the carousel of time.

I want to make a difference by:
Touching peoples hearts and helping conserve our ailing mother Earth

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