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Here are some simple steps to getting your travel writing off the ground.

[Editor’s Note: This article was updated on January 8, 2010.]

WRITING FOR IN-FLIGHT MAGAZINES is one of the best ways of earning money as a travel writer. Most countries have a national carrier and many have an in-flight magazine to keep passengers entertained during their flights. These magazines consider articles on a wide variety of topics, such as:

  • Destination
  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Arts
  • Book reviews
  • Spa / health
  • Business
  • Wildlife and the environment
  • Most in-flight magazines don’t have websites, so in many cases, the easiest way to find out about them and connect with them is by taking a sample issue on a flight. In flight magazines can also be obtained through:

  • Local chambers of commerce
  • Libraries
  • Travel agencies
  • Tour operating services
  • Tourism and chamber resort associations
  • Compared to consumer magazine publishers, in-flight magazines tend to pay a higher rate for travel writers. Some may pay as much as $5,000 for a three page feature with photographs. Typically, rates vary between $0.25-$1 per word.

    The number of people reading the magazine tends to be larger than regular consumer magazines. Take for example the Los Angeles to Singapore flight on Singapore Airlines. Think about the number of passengers on every flight and the number of daily flights going to Singapore.

    Not only is the book made available on the seat of every passenger on that particular flight but it is also available on every other Singapore Airlines flight. These are potentially hundreds of thousands of travelers reading your article every month.

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    Magazine Contacts

    American Eagle Airlines

    HCP/Aboard Publishing
    One Herald Plaza, 4th Floor
    Miami, FL 33132
    Fax: (305) 995-8108

    For publication copies, contact:.
    (305) 376-5278 or 376-5258


    Music, shopping, book reviews, destination travel articles, Florida, Bahamas, Trinidad, Puerto Rico, and more.

    Photo courtesy of Christina.

    United Airlines

    INK Publishing
    68 Jay Street Suite 315
    Brooklyn, NY 11201


    Festivals, destination travel, food, beach activities, and more

    Hawaiian Airlines

    Hana Hou!
    1144 10th Avenue, Suite 401
    Honolulu, HI 96816
    Phone: 808.733.3333
    Toll free: 888.733.3336
    Fax: 808.733.3340

    Include dance, music, tropical fruits, destination pieces on Hawaii, green living, diving, and more

    Southwest Airlines

    Spirit Magazine
    Pace Communications, Inc.
    Suite 360
    2811 McKinney Avenue
    Dallas, Texas 75204
    Fax: (214) 580-2491
    Phone: (214) 580-8070

    Inlcude destination travel (Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arizona etc), book reviews, food, profiles, and more

    Photo courtesy of John Joh.

    American Airlines

    American Way Magazine
    4333 Amon Carter Blvd. MD 5374
    Fort Worth, TX 76155
    Phone: 817-967-1804


    Destination pieces, food, sports, music, entertainment, and more.

    Delta Airlines



    Destination travel (Spain, Mexico York, Paris, Montreal, Florida, Texas, Boston, etc), food, sports, celebrity life, and more.

    Airtran Airways

    Go Magazine
    INK Publishing
    68 Jay Street, Suite 315
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
    (347) 294-1220

    Direct all pitches to:

    Destination travel (Mexico, Texas, Arizona, New Orleans, Iowa City, Seattle, Georgia, D.C., San Francisco, Chicago etc), music, and entertainment.

    Emirates Airline

    Open Skies
    Motivate Publishing
    PO Box 2331
    Dubai, UAE
    Tel. +971-4-282-4060
    Fax. +971-4-282-4436

    Destination travel (Dubai, Sri Lanka, London, Switzerland, Maldives, Indonesia, India, and more).

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