Be a Twitter Ninja: Hootsuite

by Joshywashington Jun 10, 2010
There are a ba-jillion tools for the savvy tweeter to manage Twitter content. I have been using Hootsuite for over a year, here’s why.

HOOTSUITE is essential for social media ninjas that have multiple twitter accounts or merely want a Twitter base camp to manage their feeds, messages, mentions and keywords.

Access all your Twitter accounts in one place, tweeting from each easily without logging in or our of various accounts. Merely formulate your tweet and click the icon of the account you would like to tweet from.

View the incoming feeds from each Twitter account and track direct messages with ease using the customizable columns.

Create columns to display your mentions, direct messages, follower feeds, hashtags and key words. Columns can be customized for update frequency and display simultaneously side by side, creating an nifty base of twitter operations.

One of my favorite features on Hootsuite is the ability to schedule tweets for future publication. Craft your tweets then set them up to publish minutes, hours or days in the future.

This feature is perfect for travelers who know they will be away from their Twitter for stretches of time and for professionals who want to load posts for future publication and not have to worry about being on their account all the time.

Shrink URL’s within your dashboard into bite size links!

Hootesuite allows you to view stats by account, by day and even by individual tweets. Want to know how many people clicked the link of your last tweet? Interested in what countries you are most popular or what websites are referring to you? Hootsuite stats displays useful info in a simple interface that is printable and down loadable.

Upload pix from your computer from your dashboard to be displayed full size on a custom page that allows people to comment and retweet your photo.

Take Hootsuite for a spin and add a new weapon to your social media ninja arsenal!

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