How to Improve Your IPhone Photography

by Paul Sullivan May 8, 2010
How many people out there are disappointed with the camera on their iPhone?

I KNOW I WAS when I bought my brand new 3GS last year. No zoom, no flash, no in camera editing options…great for fun snappy snaps but not much use for anything more ambitious.

Then I started to explore the apps a little, and was very happy to find a bunch dedicated to improving the phone’s native camera. I tried out as many as I could – replacement cameras editing tools, fun, novelty stuff…suddenly taking photos with the iPhone became a lot more fun.

While these tools won’t necessarily make you into a pro photographer, they can help you learn a little about how photography works and get you started on improving your composition, becoming aware of lighting and framing and other useful aspects of photography.

Below is a round up of the apps I’ve found most useful so far.

1. Replacement Cameras

2. Image Editing

3. Filters and Effects

4. For Professional Photographers

Community Connection

This is not comprehensive by any means, and new apps are appearing all the time, so please feel free to tell us your favorites in the comments below.

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