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Long-Form Nonfiction Getting Props

by David Miller Aug 1, 2011
As increasing numbers of people use mobile devices (iPad, Kindle, Nook, etc.) as their primary reading material, long-form nonfiction is experiencing a resurgence in popularity with substantial fees offered to contributors.

IN CASE YOU missed it late last week there was a nice little roundup over at the LA Times Book Blog highlighting some of the online and print publications featuring long-form nonfiction stories:

There’s the Atavist, a digital publisher that builds long-form nonfiction stories with multimedia elements (it looks great on an iPad). There’s Byliner, which made a splash with its debut, a story by Jon Krakauer that called into question the work and word of Greg Mortenson. There’s also Grantland, the ESPN-owned online site that publishes long, nonfiction pieces that have more in common with the golden days of Esquire than the cable network’s bombastic shows.

The article also touches on some of the substantial fees being offered for exceptional long-form pieces, including Longshot, which we featured in our interview last week with co-founder Mat Honan. Longshot is using Kickstarter to pay a $2000 bounty on their favorite feature in the upcoming issue.

For long-form narrative travel writing, I’d also recommend Glimpse. More on that soon.

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