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ON APRIL 3, we hosted our very first #MatUTalks Twitter chat. The topic was Transforming Your Travel Writing, and the questions were as follows:

Q1: What’s the difference (if any) between travel blogging and travel writing?

Q2: What’s the most interesting travel story you’ve ever read, and why?

Q3: What type of travel story do you dislike the most?

Q4: Name a favorite character from a travel story. What made them so memorable?

Q5: What would you like to see more of in travel writing?

Q6: What verbal cliches (‘land of contrasts’/ ‘treasure-trove’/ ‘hidden gem’) most annoy you?

Q7: What’s the most useful writing prompt you’ve ever found?

We had a great time interacting with our friends and followers on Twitter, and #MatUTalks became a trending topic in the USA and Canada! Travelogx has compiled some awesome stats, a “group photo” of all those who participated, and a full transcript of the questions, answers, and conversation from the chat. Check out the recap of our first #MatUTalks here.

We are currently developing more chats for the future, so keep watching Matador for the latest news and announcements.