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Plane Versus Train -- 5 Thoughts

by Craig Martin Dec 18, 2007

Your mode of transport can make or break a travel experience and there are so many different aspects to consider. In this podcast episode Craig Martin draws five points to your attention.

1. Price

In Western Europe it is often cheaper to fly mid- to long-distance trips but that doesn’t hold true everywhere in the world.

2. Convenience
Train stations are normally more accessible than airports, which can make a big different. There is also less time wasted with security, check-in procedure and — most wonderfully — passport control.

3. Ticketing
Both train companies and airlines allow electronic ticketing which is often the most convenient way to buy in advance. However when buying on the day of departure it’s normally easier to get a train ticket from the station.

4. Comfort

Unless you’re flying first or business class, trains are normally more comfortable. Although liable to overcrowding the various seating options, the ability to walk around throughout the whole journey and extras like internet access make train journeys more comfortable.

5. Environment

Forget about carbon footprints for a minute; when flying do you have any idea of the environment you’re passing through? Trains help travelers keep perspective and afford more opportunities to interact with the land and its people.

If you’re interested in train travel, ( is the most informative site around. You can hear an interview with the man in seat 61 on Craig’s regular podcast.

One of Matador’s newest contributors, Craig Martin has been living on the road since leaving Auckland, New Zealand in February 2006. In fact, he hasn’t slept in the same bed for more than two weeks all year! He podcasts at the indie travel podcast.

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