Polyblogamy: The Joy of Having Multiple Blogs

by Joshywashington Jun 3, 2010
I rediscover my Matador Community profile and realize the value of a blog away from blog.

I SAT DOWN to brainstorm a post three and a half hours ago and am only now actually writing anything.

The last few hours have been spent uploading photos, blogging and updating my Matador Community page, reveling at the powerful new engine that makes the entire platform faster, slicker and more holistic.

I can’t help but smile as I type photo descriptions.

I had a blast spitting out a free form blog on my profile, it felt a little like cheating on my main blog. I didn’t judge or edit what came up and out, I just wrote. I remember this is how it used to feel before I cared about retweets, staying on topic and blog stats.

Polyblogamy, having or keeping more than one blog, is safe and can actually bring you closer to your personal blog. I discovered this at 3am to my great delight.

Sure, you have your main blog, the blog that brands you as a writer and traveler, but who says you can’t have two, three or four blogs?! The fresh new face of the Matador Travel instigated me to consider going polyblog long term.

Reconnecting with the Community, dropping a few comments, adding new friends and hoping for some requests in return, I had a giddy feeling of stoke I hadn’t experienced online in a long while.

Reading over my new blog I realized it was the kind of thing I used to write on my Joshywashington blog and that somehow I had deemed such writing as off brand or not interesting enough to enough people. I used to write because I loved it, now I try and craft titles that will retweet well and try to stay within some nebulous niche that even I don’t understand.

If you are pursuing a niche audience and hope to monetize your blog, creative freedom can be stifled or pent up in order to stay on topic. A second blog that allows you to let loose, yammer, free flow and rant about your travels and life without worrying about your readership or page rank can be a god send.

Going polyblog can help you get ideas flowing, flex your creative spontaneity and connect with your writing process without any pressure.

Just don’t try explaining that you have gone polyblog to your parents, they won’t understand.


Do you blog in multiple locations? Do you need a blog away from blog where you can kick back and relax?

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