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Submissions Call: Packing Lists

by David Miller Nov 2, 2009
The notebook is looking for actual unedited packing lists for people going traveling.

I HAVE A WEEK to pack for Patagonia. My family and I are heading there ‘indefinitely’. This means we need to bring paperwork. Tax records. Birth certificates. All that very important shite.

But I know this will be the last thing I pack. Good gear is hard to find / expensive in South America, and as I start packing, I find my real concerns are:

*If it costs extra to bring the snowboard bag anyway, how much extra gear can I stuff in there? [We’ll see.]
*Is it worth taking paddling gear down there? [I’m thinking not yet.]
*Should I pack the kids’ size snowshoes for Layla? [I’m thinking yes.]
*Do I buy a spare headlamp? [Shit, there’s no REI or any real gear stores down here in Florida.]
*Should I have tried to get North Face to send me a replacement parka after this one ripped? [Too late.]
*Do we have room for both hammocks? [No.]
*Do I go into more debt to buy one of those mini-laptops in case our Mac goes down and we’re screwed? [I think we have to.]

All this being said, I wondered this morning about packing lists. Like notes or journal entries, they seem really transparent windows into your travel style, into your personal style, and they even say something about the place you’re going.

Earlier this year we called for scans or pictures of people’s unedited journal pages
[this submission call is still open, btw], now we’re calling for your packing lists. Please send either a picture or scan of an unedited, actual packing list from an actual trip. The photo or scan should be sized to 930 pixels wide. Please include as well a typed description of what’s on the list, along with any notes describing the trip, itinerary, or anything else we should know.

Please send your packing lists to david at matadornetwork dot com. If interested, we’ll let you know further details. Looking forward to seeing your submissions.

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