Travel Blogging Tips: Adding Social Media Buttons

by Joshywashington Mar 9, 2010
Using social media buttons to share your content is essential and easy.

SOCIAL BUTTONS, icons that facilitate the sharing of content on your site or blog, are now a mainstay of social media.

It’s not enough to simply produce content, you must have the tools in place to allow your fans to share to their Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc.

The tools

Sharethis is a useful and popular option for websites and sites. Notice the green Sharethis button on this page, expanding to reveal social buttons, Sharethis opens new windows to your social sites to share content you like.

Grab social icons at My Social Buttons in a variety of styles and sizes. These buttons are for you to link yourself and will not automatically open a share window.

For more social icons, visit Open Source Hunter for 128 inventive and free buttons.

While you can add Sharethis to a site, you can’t add them to a blog.

A good option for .com’rs is Get Social Live. I use this one on my blog and I can vouch. Simply copy and paste the permalink and title of your content and viola!, Get Social whips up code to copy and paste into your blog. Sound easy? It is.

Another great site for icons, images and textures is Webtreats. Tasty and free!

Community Connection

What social media buttons do you like? Let us know in the comments, por favor.

For more blogging tips and resources, please check our Focus Guide to Blogging.

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