What's the Most Photogenic City in the World?

by Paul Sullivan Jun 3, 2010
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AS A PHOTOGRAPHER there’s nothing quite like stalking around a city, camera in hand, attempting to capture something of its nuances, atmosphere and people as the newness assaults you from all sides.

Obviously, this is easier said than done. Those who photograph cities best tend to have lived there a long time, such as Garry Winogrand, whose iconic images speak volumes about New York, or Hungarian photographer Brassai, whose black and white images of Paris are uniquely evocative.

But even as a “tourist” (as opposed to a resident) it’s possible to be bowled over by some cities more than others. Personally, when I’m in cities like Marrakech, Istanbul or Las Vegas I just can’t stop shooting. These places offer so much in the way of exotic sights and beautiful architecture or – in the case of LV – audacious flamboyance that I could happily spend weeks wandering around capturing images.

Conversely Rome, Singapore or Sao Paulo don’t do much for me at all.

Then again when you consider there are over 3,000 cities in the world – almost 500 of them with over a million inhabitants – I have to confess I’ve only been to a relative handful. So of all the cities in all the world: which one would you say is the most photogenic?

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