Why Do You Travel?

by David Miller Feb 11, 2010

Matadorian Beija-Flor with street kids in Brazil. There are all different kinds of travel.

16 different reasons why people travel.

FOR ME the relevant question is never why but when, followed closely by where.

You think about why you do something, maybe write that reason down, but then when you look at it a year later–or maybe 5 years later-at some point you’re going to change the way you feel about it. There was the “why” you did it then and the “why” you’d do it (or not do it) now.

Your answer to the question why is like a little bookmark of the way you thought and felt about something at a specific moment in your life. And in some ways this seems more important than the actual answer itself.

This is my thinking anyway after spending a while collecting various Matadorians’ answers to the question “Why do you travel?” Some of the answers seem ‘wise’ or ‘earnest’ but mainly they just make me stoked on the people who said them.


As the world is my home, I need to feel at home.

Mike Lynch

To keep away from home.


Because I feel most at home when I am in motion.

Matt Scott

There just too much great stuff to see

Beer and Beans

To see the way light falls in other parts of the world.

Jess Vulcan

Because I don’t like owning silverware.

Nancy Harder

Because I truly believe that travel is art. We have the ability to create masterpieces with our experiences.

Sarah Menkedick

To avoid falling into patterns and only seeing the obvious things from an ingrained personal perspective.

A Literal Girl

To try to understand how we experience place.

Julie Schwietert

To know myself better and to know the world better.

Candice Walsh

To learn, to explore, to meet new people, to find what the hell I’m looking for.


To look for all those stories waiting to be found.


It keeps me from taking things for granted.

Gregory Hubbs

To learn from other human beings and experience the world in new ways.

Lola Akinmade

To be a cultural ambassador as well as soak up the wisdom of other cultures.

Hal Amen

I’m not sure…but I can’t stop!

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