13 Reasons Why You Should Never Take Your Kids to Oaxaca, Mexico

Mexico Oaxaca
by Laura Bernhein Jul 18, 2015

All photos by Laura Bernhein.

1. A city surrounded by super green mountains and views that will leave your breathless? Hmmm…No thank you, you’re afraid your kids will suffer vertigo.


2. Fresh flowers all year round? How does it come these people from Oaxaca don’t know there are thousands of varieties of plastic flowers you can get at Ikea?


3. Fireworks any random day in the middle of town? No, thanks, everyone knows kids hate magical moments.


4. Oh no, there are skeletons everywhere! Your kids will spend all day screaming in terror…


5. And what’s up with these giants? Now you have no doubt your kids will have nightmares for months.


6. People in Oaxaca seem to be too nice…You guys travel to see monuments and landscapes, not to smile at people! And especially not to other little kids!


7. Santo Domingo’s bells will scare your little angels, it’s better to stay away from them…


8. What’s all the fuss about the Children’s Library Biblioteca Infantil? Story times every day, hundreds of books and games and special events every week? No, thanks, your kids can learn everything from watching TV. AND you don’t want them to learn Spanish faster than you!


9. You just don’t get why all the walls have to be painted in bright colours…Such intense visual stimulation will drive your munchkins nuts!


10. Eat elotes while you guys walk on some cobbled streets, surrounded by colonial architecture and under a multicolor sky? No, thanks, it’s not special enough for you all…


11. And these people dancing all night wearing colorful outfits and with such joyful music? You’ll pass, your kids have to go to bed early in in absolute silence.


12. You just don’t think that visiting the petrified waterfalls Hierve el Agua is interesting enough…After all, they are the only of their kind in the Americas and your kids won’t have anything to learn from such place.


13. And finally, your worst nightmare will come true: Your family will be so happy in Oaxaca you will have to come back not only one but a dozen times. !Viva Oaxaca!


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