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18 Breakfasts From Around the World

Photo: Okrasiuk/Shutterstock
Katka Lapelosová
Feb 10, 2015

BREAKFAST IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL, and while traveling I like to treat myself to things I’d normally not eat back home, like spicy noodle soups in Thailand, or decadent pastries in France. Below are a few first meals from around the world; I’m especially intrigued by what the “cooked breakfast” option in Antarctica consists of. Not all are necessarily traditional cuisines from the countries listed, but I still think it’s interesting to type “breakfast” into a search box and see how people elsewhere start their day.

1. Czech Republic

2. Brazil

3. Russia

#kzn #kazan #morning #breakfast #breakfastinkazan

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4. Antarctica

5. Japan

6. New York City

Protect your bagels: Put lox on them. Happy bagelly Monday, people!

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7. Indonesia

Share your breakfast in jakarta with us and by putting #breakfastinjakarta and mention us!

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8. Malaysia

Sunday #Breakfast feast

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9. Italy

10. Morocco

11. Algeria

#algeria #algerianbreakfast #carbs #yum #nutella

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12. Ethiopia

13. Chile

14. Australia

Jaffles! With @coffeewithme Studio 37 Coffee Bar – Fremantle #perth #breakfast #breakfastinperth #studio37

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15. Iran

16. India

17. Spain

18. Poland

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