20 of 2011's Newest Matadorians

by Eileen Smith Jan 25, 2011
Here are 20 new Matadorians from all over the world.

WITH A NEW year comes new projects, and for Matador, a continuing number of great new members. Here are twenty of the newest Matadorians to join in 2011. We’ll be back with more next month!

1. Andrew Hart
There’s always more to see.
Andrew Hart on Matador.

2. Alexandra Bornhoft
I’m a freelancer writer and avid traveler, just looking to take the scenic route through life.
Alexandra Bornhofton Matador.

3. Alicia Sully
I am a freelance filmmaker and co-founder of the What Took You So Long Foundation. We are currently on our longest project about camel cheese and nomads in over 15 countries.
Alicia Sullyon Matador.

4. Merle Loman
Merle Loman is an outdoor enthusiast living in the Bitterroot Valley located south of Missoula in western Montana. Her adventures start there but will also travel the world. She runs, hikes, bikes, fishes, hunts, skis and always take photos
Merle Loman on Matador.

5. Anya Hodson
There isn’t really any country in the world that I dont want to travel to. Its all on the ever-growing never-shrinking list.
Anya Hodson on Matador.

6. Greg Banecker
Greg Banecker is currently living and teaching English in Jeonju, South Korea. He’s found that his most memorable moments are the quietest ones. He’s chasing tranquility.
Greg Banecker on Matador.

7. Greg Burger
I love meeting people that I click with well enough to actually spend time travelling together.
Greg Burger on Matador.

8. Idiot Abroad
I like to think I’m doing a modern day version of what my grandfather, William Holt, did. He traveled around Europe for over a year with his horse, Trigger, and wrote a book about his experiences called “Trigger in Europe”.
Idiot Abroad on Matador.

9. Jordan Ciambrone
Running, Jumping, Climbing,Traveling, Twisting, Twirling, Turning Upside down, Movement Expressionist, Life Lover Thanks to the Lord!
Jordan Ciambrone on Matador.

10. Jspaul84
World traveler who loves to experience everything life has to offer. Taking photos, surfing, hiking, climbing, and learning the culture.
Jspaul84 on Matador.

11. Kayla Robertson
As a 22 year old 9-to-5er hailing from Melbourne, Australia and having recently returned from a 7-month, worldwide solo couchsurfing trip, it’s safe to say that the travel bug is strong.
Kayla Robertson on Matador.

12. Marissa Garza
Started traveling internationally in the past two years. I have gone to India, Germany, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. I cannot wait to see more of the world!
Marissa Garza on Matador.

13. Rose McNulty
A teacher by vocation and a wanderer at heart, I’m currently living the expat life in Busan, South Korea.
Rose McNulty on Matador.

14. Natalie Medved
I am a spunky Coloradan with a boistrous laugh. I apreciate the differences of the world, love a good bubble bath, cooking and sharing a bottle of wine with old and new friends alike.
Natalie Medved on Matador.

15. Nathalie4946
I am a big fan of solo travel, and I’ve also traveled quite a bit with my kids (still fun, in a different way. And nothing gets you through customs lineup faster than a 2 year old in the throes of an Oscar-worthy tantrum!)
Nathalie4946 on Matador.

16. Paige Lawson
Paige Lawson is a broadcasting student who aspires to produce news on an international scale while travelling.
Paige Lawsonon Matador.

17. Adam Harrison
I have multiple underdeveloped interests, which encompass: photography, writing (of many varied forms), consistent travel, cultural exchange and understanding, philosophy, community development, musical discovery…
Adam Harrison on Matador.

18. Lizz Slabaugh
She is a long-distance runner, impulsive traveler, dog lover and wanna-be writer.
Lizz Slabaugh on Matador.

19. Taavi Tammpere
I’m in my mid-twenties, travel freak living in Tallinn, Estonia. Mostly travelling in Europe.
Taavi Tammpere on Matador.

20. Stephanie Ockerman
Stephanie Ockerman is an avid traveler and photographer, currently traveling solo through Central and South America.
Stephanie Ockerman on Matador.

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