1. Aren’t moose clever?

2. What’s the point of remote start?

3. Wasilla is such a classy place.

4. I hear there’s a great show this weekend at the Mug-Shot.

5. Air conditioning would be a good investment.

6. Duct tape is useless.

7. I can definitely outrun that bear/moose/cougar.

8. Store produce is so fresh, it lasts such a long time once I take it home.

9. We have too many professional sports teams.

10. The Bubbly Mermaid is the place to go for an affordable night out. </h2.

11. …Or Captain Cook…

12. There’s no good, local beer.

13. Nobody uses Meetup.

14. What’s a J-Bear?

15. By PFD you mean personal flotation device, right?

16. I don’t have an Alaska Airlines mileage plan.

17. It’s great how often I can wear my sandals.

18. I’ve never smoked.

19. I don’t think winters are getting warmer.

20. Pizza Friday night? The Moose’s Tooth shouldn’t be too busy…

21. I don’t know anyone in the military.

22. Or anyone involved in the energy industry for that matter.

23. I’ve never shot a gun.

24. Public transportation is so efficient.

25. If only it was easier to find coffee.

26. Mount McKinley

27. Property is so cheap!

28. I haven’t seen a single cheechako today.

29. I can see Russia from my house!