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6th Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq

by Julie Schwietert Mar 21, 2009

The news yesterday–at least in the U.S.–was consumed by a few headlines:

“Obama’s Special Olympics joke creates a stir around the nation”

“Much bigger deficits seen in Budget Office forecast”

and even…

“Doggy’s doo contains $400 he ate”

Yet few mainstream media outlets covered this story:

March 20, 2009 marked the sixth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq.


As the war goes on, seemingly without end, it’s important to continue caring about what’s happening in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If you’re looking for some sources to learn more about the war and its effects, here are a few good places to start:

Killer Blue:

National Public Radio hosts this series of video excerpts from “Killer Blue,” a documentary by two Associated Press photographers who spent four months with an Army platoon that goes by that name. In the segments “Family,” “The Fight,” “My Friend,” and “Move On,” human faces are put on war in a way you won’t soon forget.

Bad Voodoo’s War:

This documentary, which you can watch in full online, is somewhat similar to “Killer Blue” in that it documents the war as it is experienced by soldiers fighting it. This documentary, though, was made by the platoon members themselves.

Life and Death in the War Zone:

Not everyone in uniform is fighting the war. In “Life and Death in the War Zone,” another documentary you can watch in full online, learn about the lives of combat doctors, helping US and allied soldiers, as well as injured and sick Iraqis.

Blog from the Middle East:

For a Middle Eastern perspective on the war, follow Salam Adil’s blog.

Magnum Photos’ Iraq Gallery:

Take a photographic tour through Iraq and let the images tell you stories that words might not be able to convey.

Community Connection:
Be sure to check out “The Costs of War,” a short article published on Matador Change today, to learn about countries’ military expenditures.

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